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Bringing Grass Roots Rugby & the Local Business Community Together

Are you a business or organisation looking for a new and cost effective way to connect with consumers in your local area?

Imagine how reaching out to consumers who; live, work, play within in a 5-50 mile radius around your business can do to help your business grow?

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MiClub is the new FREE mobile app from the Scarlets. It works as a communication platform for all 49 Clubs in the Scarlets region. With 500+ members on average per club, this app is designed to help club Committees, Management and its members across the region share ideas and knowledge, help organise events, and just keep in touch on a regular basis to support each other

MiClub can help you to share information about your businesses including offers and promotions, to thousands of potential customers. Using smartphone technology, the app. can target customers based on their location through the MiPerks ‘Near Me’ feature.

Scarlets are offering this opportunity at no charge to local businesses for the remainder of 2018-19 season, with an annual administration fee of £29.99 coming into play from August 2019.

Features As A MiPerks Registered business

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Access to 20K+ potential new customers

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Targeting Your Customers by Radius & Postcode

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Professionally designed display ads for all networks and devices

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Yearly Subscription to Mi Perks Business Directory

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Business Discussion Forum

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Up to Date Business Events Calendar

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Specialised Business Support, & Training Courses

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Discounted Offers from Local Businesses & National Brands

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Free Scarlets Monthly Raffle

Benefits of in-app Advertising

Users are spending more time in their apps

According to Flurry report 2017 (a mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising company), 90% of mobile use is now spent in apps. Considering the average person uses their mobile device 87 hours a month, this is a lot of time.

Better targeting

When advertisers market within apps, they have a very specific view of their audience. This is mostly due to an apps ability to pull direct demographic and geo-location data. This means that the audience has more potential to be closely aligned to the marketing and advertising efforts that ultimately helps marketers get the most value out of their ad campaigns.
This hyper-focused advertising also means that marketers can move away from wasting money on an audience who probably won’t click or purchase a product through an ad.

Ads in apps are more memorable

More people can remember details of an ad when they saw it in an app. They are also more likely to remember which brand the ad was for when viewed in an app or on a mobile website.*

They drive a stronger response

People feel closer to brands when they see ads in apps. They are more likely to find the ads informative and enjoyable. There’s a greater chance of them feeling positive about a brand when seeing the ad via an app, than on a PC.*

They have a bigger impact

In-app advertising is more successful in driving action. People are more likely to interact with a brand, buy a product or service, follow a call-to-action or recommend a brand to their family or friends after seeing its ad in an app, compared those who saw it via a PC *. A 2014 study from Medialets a mobile ad serving and tracking firm found that click-through rates for apps was 0.58% whereas mobile Web was only a 0.23% CTR.

They deliver a better ad experience

People viewing app-based ads were more likely to think they were more visually appealing than those seeing ads via a PC. They tended to think that the ads didn’t interfere with the content. In general, they were more receptive to seeing similar ads in the future.*

*DATA SOURCE: Ipsos MORI, commissioned by Google July 2018



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