Scarlets support ‘Defnyddia dy Gymraeg’ campaign

Rob LloydNews

Encouraging people to use their Welsh in everyday situations is the aim of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s newest campaign as it marks the period when the Welsh Language Bill was introduced twelve years ago. 

The campaign, entitled Defnyddia dy Gymraeg (Use your Welsh), encourages everyone to use the Welsh language when living their daily lives.

Whether in business, at school, in sport – the opportunity to use Welsh is everywhere and it’s great to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to do so.

As part of the campaign a series of films have been created highlighting the use of Welsh in different situations.

At the Scarlets rugby club’s training ground, Welsh can be heard everywhere according to one of the coaches, Gareth Williams.

Gareth said: “Welsh is the first language of many of the coaches and players and it is therefore natural that is what is heard around the training pitch. Of course, the nature of the sport these days means that there are a number of players here from many different countries, but they too are interested in the language and in the culture and we are trying to underline its importance to us as a nation so that they have a greater understanding.

“As a club we are pleased to be able to support the campaign and would encourage everyone to use their Welsh.”

Since taking up her post at the beginning of the year Efa Gruffudd Jones, the Welsh Language Commissioner, has consistently stated that her desire is to see and hear Welsh used everywhere,

“For a language to live and survive, it needs to be used in all aspects of our society. Over the past twelve months I have had the opportunity to visit a variety of organisations, including businesses, schools, community centres and even prisons.

“It was great to hear Welsh spoken naturally in these places and people taking pride in the language.”

You can support the campaign on social media by following #DefnyddiaDyGymraeg or going to the website