Peel excited by next generation of talent

Rob Lloyd News

Dwayne Peel says he is excited at the prospect of the next generation of Scarlets coming to the fore.

Speaking ahead of Friday’s United Rugby Championship clash with Munster, the Scarlets head coach said: “There has been a lot of transition and it hasn’t finished yet.

“It is about breeding the next generation of Scarlets and bringing that group through.

“We have seen guys like Joe Roberts and Kemsley Mathias step up and become international rugby players and it is up to them and the likes of Sam Costelow and Ioan Lloyd to carry the mantle over the next couple of seasons.

“These guys are going to be the future of the club.

“It is about them understanding that as 21 and 22-year-olds and driving that forward. It is exciting in many ways because you are part of growing it, but like anything you want it to happen tomorrow and it doesn’t. It needs a bit of patience. We have a young group and it needs time and it needs understanding of where we want to get to and that is not an overnight process.

“Potentially, sometimes we need to take some hurt in achieving that and that is tough to manage because the expectation of this club is that we are competitive and we want to be right at the top. That will come. We just need to be patient with it and work hard to achieve it because the goal is clear, we want the Scarlets to be competitive.

“I watched the U18s at Aberavon last Wednesday and they were excellent; they are a good group of boys coming through, but they are still young. What I see from that group and you add to the young boys we have, Sam Costelow, Joe Roberts, Archie, Eddie James, Harry Thomas and Macs Page in the U20s, there is talent here.”