Scarlets calling on fans to ‘try’ a taste of home this Christmas

Rob Lloyd News

As Christmas approaches, the Scarlets are lending their support to a campaign highlighting the importance of buying locally sourced meat this Christmas. 

As part of the campaign they’ve joined forces with Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales to show why people should be choosing to source their lamb, beef and pork locally, with Welsh farmers having an enviable reputation across the world for quality, traceability and high animal welfare standards. 

Traditionally, butchers shops have been a staple of high streets across Wales, providing a vital service in supplying fresh, local and sustainable food. Their crucial place at the heart of the community was underlined earlier this year during the first lockdown with many of them evolving to meet the needs of their local customer base, including expanding their offer and making home deliveries for the first time and also teaming up with other local companies to expand on their range of products.

Mr Richard Davies of Eric Davies & Son in Carmarthen Market said: “Our produce speaks for itself. We source all our Welsh lamb, beef and pork from local farms and producers so the food miles are kept to a minimum. 

“We are confident that our customers are happy with what we give them – excellent produce and excellent service. We love what we do and we want to keep it that way.  But with this cloud of uncertainty looming above us, and other small retailers, farmers and producers who make this community what it is, we fear the sense of community will gradually disappear. So we would love to see more people shop locally – you wouldn’t believe how much impact it has on so many livelihoods.”

In the current economic climate supporting local businesses has never been more important, with research showing that for every pound spent locally with a small to medium sized business, up to 70p circulates back into the local economy.

Wyn Jones of the Scarlets said: “I’m proud to be supporting this campaign. I’m fully aware of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make the product so unique. It is where and how it is produced that matters and it is a process that supports farming families, small businesses and communities.

“Quality meat is so important as part of a healthy and balanced diet.  If we can all do what we can and shop for our meat locally, it’s a positive step to help save our communities and help rebuild our economy.”