“There has been a queue a mile long waiting to tell me how important this fixture is … that was a performance to be proud of.”

Rob Lloyd News

Scarlets head coach Brad Mooar spoke to the media in the wake of the record 44-0 Boxing Day victory over the Ospreys.

Here’s what he had to say.

Brad, you must be delighted with everything about that performance?

“We had a really good look at ourselves on Monday and knew that we let ourselves down at Rodney Parade, we are better than that. We couldn’t wait to get back out on the park.

“It was wonderful to see the boys go out and express themselves. We talk about playing for enjoyment and the joy we get from playing and having nearly 14,000 Scarlets fans backing us, as well as the rest of the community that supports this team.

“It is a real community side and we are thrilled to represent them. That was a performance we can really be proud of.”

You must be pleased with how you built your lead?

“We built it well. I was all for kicking for touch with that first penalty, I thought it was the right call, we were on a roll and then it was the right call to take the gimme in front of the sticks and to go again.

“It is a confident side that backs each other and I said to the boys afterwards, the 23 that take the field can’t do it without the 25 or 30 other players who get us ready in the week. My men of the match were the guys who didn’t get to take the field but still got us ready to put on a performance like that.”

You scored some great tries, but what about the defence at the end?

“That was really pleasing and you could see at the end when we were down to 13 men and not willing to give anything and let the game finish.

“The zero was really important. Glenn Delaney as defence coach needs to buy a box of doughnuts for everyone on Monday and we will just keep the nutritionist at bay!”

Being a derby must make the result extra special?

“There has been a queue a mile long waiting to tell me how important this fixture is and I understand that, I understand the derbies and the parochialism, mate against mate; I love that.

“What was really important was that we performed in a way that shows what we are about and what this team is about and work that people are putting in to get these boys ready to play. It warms the heart.

“We have a heck of a squad here. We have seen Sanjay sign today, you have Leigh Halfpenny, a national treasure, who is doing a superb job, he is the utmost professional.

“I thought the pack were outstanding;  Aaron Shingler put in a performance that he can be extremely proud of; Blade was taking us forward and the ovation that Blade and Sam got as they came off the field was fantastic, Uzair Cassiem is a crowd favourite and deservedly so.

“Then you had Angus O’Brien winning man of the match again; he played really well against Bayonne and has done it again in the cauldron of a Boxing Day derby, the list goes on.

“The joy they are bringing each other and the community is outstanding. I am proud to be part of that at the moment.

“We will enjoy this result, have a few days off and then get into work on Monday, get our feet on the ground and look to improve on various areas before the Cardiff Blues game.”