URC launches ‘Take on Tomorrow’ programme to inspire change through the power of rugby

Rob LloydNewyddion

The United Rugby Championship has today launched its ‘Take on Tomorrow’ programme which aims to use rugby as a tool for community impact and social change.

The ambition of the Take on Tomorrow programme is to inspire change through the power of rugby and provide a platform that recognises the impact that our players and teams make away from the field of play.

As it comes to life, the Take on Tomorrow programme will oversee off-the-field projects aimed at engaging directly with communities across the territories that encompass the United Rugby Championship.

A key part of the Take on Tomorrow programme will focus on sharing the stories of our athletes and teams who support causes that make meaningful connections to their communities and chosen charities. A new content series, supported by Roc Nation, will launch in the coming days and weeks in addition to a bespoke youth-programme led by the URC that will aim to celebrate and foster unity, empathy and understanding.

Take on Tomorrow will also have an annual celebration that will see the introduction of two awards that recognise the off-the-field efforts of teams and players from the United Rugby Championship.

The Difference Maker Award: Presented to the player who has been recognised for outstanding commitment to a charitable or social cause.

The Community Champions/Impact Award: Presented to the team whose  community programme has been recognised for its impact in their region/province.

The winners of these awards will also receive funding from CVC Philanthropy to donate to their cause of choice (player) or to invest in their community programme (team).

Martin Anayi, CEO, United Rugby Championship, said: “These are very positive first steps that we’re taking today with the launch of the Take on Tomorrow programme. As part of our evolution into the United Rugby Championship it was integral that our values align to our position as a league that welcomes different languages, cultures and nationalities and Take on Tomorrow will help us celebrate our diversity. 

“We are acutely aware of the fantastic community programmes that our clubs have established locally and the deserving causes that our players contribute to as well. 

“As a league, our mission is not only to complement those efforts with our own programme but to celebrate their successes across our platforms. We are really excited about launching the first project within the Take on Tomorrow programme and watching it grow over the coming years.”

Further information on the first Take on Tomorrow project and the award process for the Difference Maker and Community Champions/Impact will be released in due course.

Take on Tomorrow Mission Statement

The Take on Tomorrow programme is inspired by the mission to celebrate the diversity and national cultures of the URC while using the league’s platform to champion for a healthier, stronger, unified next generation.

The programme will advance and celebrate the power of URC rugby as tool for social change by using our international platform to support the efforts of clubs, players, fans and leading charities as they change lives of young people across the five territories in which we play.