Former Scarlet Morgan MacRae tells his inspirational story

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Morgan MacRae is a Brave Mind ambassador who was a member of the Scarlets Academy and represented Wales 7s.

A dynamic hooker, he is currently part of the Henley Hawks squad playing in National 2 in England and has a dream – to play professional rugby, again.

On August 13, 2023, Morgan suffered a cardiac arrest while asleep, he was clinically dead for 17 minutes. His girlfriend Kitty, luckily trained in CPR, and the ambulance crew, performed CPR for a combined 17 minutes to save his life. 

After two days in an induced coma and three weeks in hospital, Morgan was fitted with an S-ICD (an internal defibrillator). Having initially been told he could never play rugby again a leading consultant gave him hope it would be possible. 

Morgan returned to training in late September and spent six months getting himself in a position to play again. Miraculously, Morgan was able to make his comeback on March 9 this year when Henley played Canterbury. 

Morgan is understood to be the first rugby player to play at this level with an S-ICD. He and his girlfriend Kitty continue to educate and campaign for more awareness and training around CPR. 

Morgan has had a film crew (LDR Media) with him for the past few months to document his return to play and the emotional and physical challenges that go with that.

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The Welsh Rugby Union have worked with the Calon Hearts charity to ensure life-saving defibrillators are installed at every rugby club in Wales.

You can read about Calon Hearts HERE