Giving an extra kick to training!

Rob Lloyd News

Scarlets have been using innovative new kicking nets to help their goal-kickers hone their skills.

The nets, supplied by the School of Kicking, have been used during the lockdown periods by the players to fine-tune their technique while at home.

They have also proven a great aid to the kickers on the training field.

Scarlets backs coach Dai Flanagan explained: “During the times when the players have been in lockdown and unable to train as a group, we have been able to supply these kicking nets for them to use at home. They are easy to set up and they also save time retrieving the ball when you are training alone.

“The nets have allowed players to continue to get better each day, develop their skills and keep their kicking volume to reduce the risk of injury on return to playing. They are also great to warm up the kicker with some light kicks before going into the sessions.”

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