Season Tickets: Direct debit scheme now available

Kieran Lewis News

With the Scarlets preparing for next weekend’s European Rugby Champions Cup semi final, and thousands of supporters making the journey to support us, we’re delighted to confirm that our Season Ticket Direct Debit Scheme is now up and running.

With recent success in the European Rugby Champions Cup campaign, and a trip to Dublin in the diary for next weekend, we understand that some of you may be feeling the financial strain of supporting your favourite team at the moment so we’re delighted to confirm that you can now pay for your 2018-19 Season Ticket with Direct Debit!

Season Ticket Early Bird window closes on 30th April giving you plenty of time to get your Direct Debit plan up and running and take advantage of cheaper tickets!

Direct Debit Option 1: 6 monthly payments. 6.5% interest to be paid as part of the first payment.

Direct Debit Option 2: 10 monthly payments. 9% interest to be paid as part of the first payment.

Additional information: Direct Debit available through Zebra Finance. Employment history and postal address for last three years required as proof of purchase. Completed online applications are passed to Zebra Finance. Application can take up to 18 days to be processed with first payment due once processing is completed.

For more information please contact the ticket office on 01554 29 29 39.