Brad Mooar says his farewell to Scarlets fans

Rob Lloyd News

Brad Mooar has issued an emotional farewell to Scarlets supporters as he prepares to head home to New Zealand.

Scarlets have announced that the coaching team for the 2020-21 season — under new head coach Glenn Delaney — will be at the helm when rugby resumes following the Covid-19 lockdown, with Brad set to take up a post with Ian Foster’s All Blacks this summer.

In a personal video to fans, Brad said: “Just been thinking of the year that’s been, the footie that’s been, people we’ve met and the year that’s ahead for us at Scarlets.

“You will know now that when we reassemble we will do so under next year’s group.

“That means eight players and three staff won’t reassemble with the Scarlets for now and we farewell some outstanding people who have put in some magnificent service to our great club.

“We also welcome some new people in due course.

“I want to wish the team, Glenn, the staff, the club all the best for what’s coming. I know that you are really excited and it’s a great group of people to take our great club forward.

“For those that are moving on, all the best as well; exciting times, for some uncertain, but there will be opportunities that present I am sure for you outstanding people.

“To the club and fans, what can I say, absolutely magnificent, what a great group of people who love the game and love the club.

“When I think about some different moments and fun times I keep getting drawn back to the conversations I was having with the one and only Phil Bennett at different stages and how his stories always relate to people and it is people, not the moments of the game that are really, really important and what keep us going in this great game of ours. The relationships, the people first and then the game and the results and performances can follow.

“He gets it, he got it, he still gets it and that is the type of attitude that we as a family have loved seeing in our time here.

“From Anna, Laura, Charlie, Sam, myself and Dave the dog we just want to thank you for a wonderful opportunity that we are really grateful for. To have met some outstanding people, to have sat in this seat, leading this great club for a while and to now see it kick on and go forward under Glenn’s leadership is really exciting for us.

“I think it is best summed up in a verse that I once heard that goes something like this, ‘In the wake of what’s behind you let your rugby dreams remind you that your future starts tomorrow and your best is yet to come’. Diolch yn fawr.”