Glenn Delaney’s reaction to Edinburgh loss

Rob Lloyd News

Glenn Delaney spoke to the media after Sunday’s 6-3 defeat to Edinburgh. Here’s what he had to say.

Glenn, what is your reaction to that game?

GD: “I thought we showed ambition to play and to move the ball into space when we could. We set out to do that and I think the game came down to one moment when we were on their goalline in the second half. We had a chance but we couldn’t quite execute. We are disappointed it has not gone our way, there were a lot of young men out there who will learn a lot, it is a tough lesson for sure.”

What were your thoughts on the scrum?

GD: “He got on top of us there. There were a lot of technical offences, the bind, feet, there were lots going on, We got a couple (of decisions) back and I thought the scrum solidified. We brought Rob (Evans) on and that changed the picture, it wasn’t as if Pricey was doing a lot wrong, and I thought late in the game the scrum was quite strong. But there was a massive penalty count against us (20-4) and that was the area of the game that got away for us.”

What about the red card decision for Josh Helps’s high tackle?

GD: “We will discuss it with the individual, these are individual moments. We will look at the footage and see what we make of it.”

You had a lot of young players on the field in the closing exchanges, how pleased were you with the spirit of the side?

GD: “The spirit is always great, we never question that. We are always working hard to the end. There are a lot of young men who had their first game out there today which was brilliant, there are lots to be positive about in terms of growing the team. We had 20 and 21 year olds on the field against a pretty experienced Edinburgh side who had a few boys back from Scotland. It is disappointing, but we’ll just go back to the training field and keep working hard and get stuck into preparing for Zebre next week.”